About Us

Amy Van de Klippe

I am a no-nonsense gal with incredible drive and an uncanny ability to get things done. Operations is my world, which means that I thrive on turning visions into reality.

Marsha Bradley

I am passionate about business and how they work. I am a catalyst for inspiring new ideas and assisting others achieve the next level of success. My goal is to create efficiency and establish strong process that empower growth.

what we do.

Our passion is working with small and medium-sized companies who are so busy being successful that they don’t have time to establish a solid operational foundation.

We don’t reinvent the way your business runs, we seek to gain an understanding so we can integrate into it and work with what you’ve already built. We want to reinforce your business, not change it.

We are going to push you. We are going to challenge the reasons why your operational projects are failing. Together, we will sift through the bull and get to the root of what your organization needs, and then, we are going to make it happen.

why we do it.

As small business owners, we know that there are operational things that nag at you, are always at the back of your mind, are on your list of ‘Things to do’. Well that list gets longer and eventually something on it is going to cause you a big headache and potentially puts your success at risk.

We do what we do because we’re good at it and we thrive on seeing how a small investment upfront can set the stage for long-term success.

We make things happen, organize chaos and get things done.

why ops projects are a perfect fit for a third party.

Operational projects tend to fall on that never-ending To-Do list because they don’t immediately impact day-to-day successes. You are likely managing fairly well, or you wouldn’t be considering investing in an Operational Consultant.

The thing is, you can only put off Ops projects for so long. Unaddressed operational problems come back to haunt you like taping up a cracked pipe – it may hold for now but eventually you’re going to get soaked. Trust me, we’ve tried *shakes head in shame*.

Operational projects tend to be around very specific pieces of your business which makes them a perfect fit for an outsider like us to take on for you. While we will work together to make sure we understand your goals and challenges, it’s unlikely we need to know the intricacies of your organization in order to get these things done. If it is a complex problem, pair us with a resource for a few days to get us started. We are quick studies and will learn what we need to in order to meet the goals of the project. Then, when it’s done, you can stop paying us and continue on with your business all the better for having reinforced the foundation of your company.

check us out.

We are a proud London, Ontario based business and are honoured to be featured in London Inc Magazine.