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We are a team of do-ers capable of helping you finish the projects critical to your growth and success.


We get businesses unstuck. We will uncover and fix fundamental issues that, left unchanged, can hamstring your business and stagnate growth. We help you define and prioritize your To Do list and then execute on the projects you need done so you can move your business forward.


We will help you tackle the high-priority projects you want to get done but don’t have the time or in-house expertise to support. We understand that working on your business is hard when you’re working in your business. We are your extra set of hands when you need them the most. We will execute on your process improvement initiatives, business development projects, product launches and more.


what people say.

Mark McQuade, Director, Planning and Inventory Management at StarTech.com

I had the pleasure of working with Amy on a pretty complex forecasting system implementation. From day one, Amy was a calming influence on a pretty stressed out group of key users. She took the reins not only from a technical implementation perspective but from a project management perspective, as well. Amy was efficient, organized and drove our deliverables to completion. Amy also was a pleasure to work with and fit in seamlessly with the team. Thank you!

Katharine Barnes, VP Operations, Barnes Electric

Working with Marsha and Amy helped me finish some of the projects I needed to get done at a time when I didn’t have the resources to do it. They jumped right in and started working with my staff to learn how things worked and improve them. They created a custom excel tool that we now use and it has made things easier and more efficient. They helped me improve our policies and gave good insight on how they should be structured now and for any future changes. They are certainly worth the investment!

Sabina Manji, Editor, The Mom & Caregiver Magazine

I didn’t really know what Amy did until I decided to hire her. She kept saying that she would help make my business run better but I was so deep in the chaos that I didn’t really know what that meant. Now, I know. I am juggling a lot and things can get emotional for me. Amy comes in and takes the intensity out of the situation and comes up with simple and reasonable solutions to make things better, then helps me implement them. She adapts to what I need. It’s almost like when you’re a new mom and someone is telling you your baby needs something a little different, and as a mom you don’t want to hear it but at the same time you do. You learn how a few simple adjustments can mean a better nights sleep or less time crying. Amy provides a different perspective that makes things better and gets things on track.

Cheryl Milani, President, International Automotive Solutions

Marsha has had a profound impact on the way my business runs on a daily basis. She has improved the productivity of my staff and our culture. She has provided invaluable guidance and advice on operating strategy that has saved my business thousands of dollars. She has been the steadfast resource I needed when things got chaotic. My business works better and makes more money because of her efforts.

Brian Garside - Owner, NorthIQ

End Grain Industries made an immediate impact on our business by acting as the sheriff during meetings, documenting decisions made, and keeping us on task. Amy and the End Grain team have made us look good in front of our clients. The assets they have provided are professional and add a level of polish to our information that impresses the executive level of the companies we work with. End Grain Industries raised the bar on what we deliver, and helped us provide ludicrous value to our clients.

Geoff Pulford, CFO, PayBySky

Amy is an easy-to-work-with professional who is focused, organized and technically capable. She understands business issues and has a particular talent with communications. Because she understands quickly, she was quick to add value to our company in all areas including human resources, marketing and operations. Amy has become an integral part of our team.

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